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We supply all the necessary basic functions for the management of distributed embedded systems in the form of a modular IoT software and service solution. Our aim is to provide companies with optimal support in IoT projects of all scales to allow them to fully concentrate on their core business. As security and IoT experts, we know exactly what to look out for early on during the design phase and guarantee the success of your projects. Through our company structure, we are also able to provide individual customisations, functional extensions and additional developmental support.
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An overview in numbers


immediately ready for use


Management Features


and more

OEM Customers

Challenge and expenses for IoT management and security


Design, implementation, administration and maintenance of server and cloud infrastructure

Remote access and device maintenance

SSH, VPN, P2P tunnel, key management and security concept

Long-term customer retention

Continuously improved and consistently reliable products with minimal downtime

Connectivity Management

Management of SIM cards, Wi-Fi passwords, network topologies

Custom configuration of many devices

Execute commands and roll out files to devices, even with unreliable internet connections

Scalability and adaptability

High-performance and cost-effective infrastructure for 1 to 100,000+ devices

Fast –
yet secure

Faster to market by purchasing the necessary security components

S and S by design

Our elementary security and privacy concepts are available to you from day one

Key and certificate management

Hardware security requirements, simplify security in the production process

The fleet - calculator

Fill in the fields with your corresponding data and calculate the price for your fleet.*
*Data not binding
0 250 500 750 1000
How many connections can be assumed?
1 365
1 24
1 360 720 1080 1
3 15
Our all-inclusive rate "Device Flat" for fleet sizes below 100 devices includes any reasonable use features. Here you don’t need to enter the values for the feature usage.
File Transfer
Remote Command Execution
Remote SSH
How many files (configurations, parameters, settings, single binaries) do you plan to send to a device per year (mean value for the fleet) ?
How many commands do you expect to trigger via our platform on a device per year (mean value for the fleet) ?
How many Remote SSH Tunnel Connections do you expect to establish per 100 devices and year (average value) ?
Software Update
Software updates are always included if they don't exceed normal use.
We consider
~ 150MB of single software image size,
~ 12 updates per device and per year and
~ 10 different images per device type as normal use.
Per device and month:
Per fleet and month:
Platform Flat

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