June 29 2023 | 4 PM (CET)

Zero Touch! Provisioning for IoT Devices
Building IoT

Talk duration approx. 45 minutes, Q&A afterwards.


After a successful PoC, the question arises on how to configure a large number of IoT devices for each customer individually. For security reasons, access to cloud providers, portals and passwords must be customer- and device-specific. However, in manufacturing - where physical access to the devices is still available - the subsequent customers of the devices are often not even known, so device configuration is ideally done later and over-the-air (OTA).

We address the challenges of mass production of devices and show possible solutions - always with a focus on IoT security!

With a good provisioning concept, IoT devices can be configured initially and the required software OTA later at the customer's site - fully automated - zero touch!

Roland Marx, Director IoT, OSB connagtive


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