IoT OTA IoT Software Update
Failsafe and secure Software Updates for RootFSand Applications with rollback options.
IoT SSH/VPN IoT Remote Access
Secure Access from the Internet and adjacent networks like WiFi. Management of One Time Password Mechanisms for limited remote access for service personnel.
IoT License Rollout
We enable our clients to activate payedfeatures or products after sales. (?)We take care of license generation, transport and reporting.
IoT GUI & API User Interfaces
IoT System Automation
Reach our services from any Webbrowserfor easy interaction. Use ourREST-API toautomateorimportand include data or commands into your applications.
IoT Provisioning Key Management
IoT Hardware Security

“Security by design” and “Hardware Security” are essential for any serious IoT project.
Our experts help you to mange and provision keys, as well enable you to use Hardware Security modules.

IoT File Transfer
IoT Remote Command
Our automation features, allow to qeue file transfers as well as trigger commands securely for remote execution. Combined with our Log to Cloud mechanism, you can simply automate your fleet and retrieve feedback.
IoT Connectivity IoT SIM Management
Thanks to integrated SIM management, you can manage everything important in just one portal. With our connectivity partners like WhereverSIM, we also offer optional M2M data packages for worldwide roaming.
IoT Security & Health
Transfers vital embedded and machine parameters to the cloud. Keep track of unforeseen events and proactively protect your fleet.

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IoT Security Challenges

With our IoT Device Suite, you get a variety of useful features and concepts to help you implement the necessary best practices for security. In addition, we help you manage your IoT device fleet, roll out secure updates and protect yourself against product piracy, data theft and device tampering.

Platform trustworthiness

We create a "chain of trust" starting from a verified, authentic bootloader all the way to the actual application.

Anti-counterfeiting & spoofing protection

Using special software and hardware, we ensure that the authentication features for your IoT devices cannot be copied.

Secure login info

We provide individual login credentials for each of your devices and assist you with managing them.

Automated registration

We help you securely get all configuration files, feature activations, and apps onto your devices at the press of a button.

Feature activation

We ensure that a device/user is only activated for the functions for which it is authorised – conveniently via a web portal or API.

Secure software updates

When installing updates, we ensure that no malicious software is installed and that your device boots up as planned after the update.

Remote maintenance and management

Whether via SSH, VPN or P2P tunnel, we provide secure channels to your device in order to be prepared for unforeseeable cases.

End-to-end encryption

Your data is fully encrypted end-to-end via a direct connection using state-of-the-art technology.

Monitoring health & security

: Important information, such as system utilisation or installed software versions, is collected regularly and stored in the backend. You also have an overview of every access attempt.

Scalability & manageability

With us, it doesn’t matter if you use 50 or 50,000 devices. Our management system grows with your fleet.

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