IoT Device Suite

Our innovative IoT Device Suite, based on open source projects and cloud technologies, provides everything needed to keep IoT devices secure and productive over the long term. Among other things, it includes effective functions for securely updating your application and operating system software. Additional building blocks include monitoring your systems to determine utilisation or detect unauthorised third-party access, as well as remote access for troubleshooting.


The IoT Device Suite consists of software components that run on the embedded device and are integrated into the operating system, which is usually Linux-based. The applications are written in C or C++, have low resource requirements, and can be integrated into many common embedded systems. We also support integration into Linux build toolchains such as yocto and buildroot, with examples. Open-source tools such as RAUC or swupdate are used to install software updates locally. Their integration must be carried out independently of the IoT Suite. Our experienced experts would be glad to assist you with all these adaptations.

In addition to the customisation of your platform, many pre-integrated hardware solutions from our partners are already available.

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